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Black Bear MT tyres are provided with excellent on and off-road performance and, the powerful grip 
force can make 4WD vehicles feel easier to handle. 
The outstanding puncture-proof ability makes all adventures to be enjoyable journeys.

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The tread pattern design derived from high heel boot and grooves with sufficient depth and width ensure enough traction on
un-paved, gravel, mud terrain, and rugged mountain roads.

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Predator M/T

This new all weather pattern design provides extra punch resistance. 

Computer optimised tread block design for self-cleaning to eliminate
sludge and sands.

Super wear resistance on muddy or sandy conditions.

Excellent grip on muddy or rocky/rugged terrain.

Central big blocks with notches prevent slip and provide great traction.

Transverse tread block pitch with low angle improves grip.

Open "L" grooves greatly strengthen twist force and traction.

Notches on the big shoulder blocks give super grip on rugged terrain.

Sipes in shoulder blocks further improve grip.

Reinforced sidewall with armor and traction design.

Specific sidewall design provides great tear resistance.

The shoulders have a maximum depth of 10mm and protect the tyres such as armor.

Duel sidewall designs provide super self-cleaning and punch resistance.

Protruding fractals circumferential spreading in sidewall provide super self-cleaning and reduce wind noise.

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Black Bear Predator MT_web_current sizes_april 2022.jpg
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Gaunt M/T

1.The internal structure possesses reinforcing material: frame made of high
strength steel belt +3 layer polyester carcass materials to improve high-speed
stability and durability, while maintaining high impact resistance strength.

2.Rough aggressive style pattern design: horizontal 4 chunks of tread design,
greatly improving tire grip on bad roads, development-shoulder block, wide
lateral, and pit slopes provide strong traction for climbing.

3.Studded shoulder tread design: Let the tires successfully break the ice in
the harsh winter weather and climb mountains with ease.

4.Ultra-thick sidewall tread design: Shoulder tread extended to the sidewall is
designed to ensure the tire side impact forces providing strong traction while
climbing slopes.

5.A small ditch shoulder rib design: Further improves tire safety, ensures tire from punctures at the bottom of the tread.

6.Tiny steel Design: Tire wet skid resistance improves braking performance, strengthening the grip tread.

7.A special formulation: high wear-resistant tread compound formulates low heat, high tire side rigidity formulation improves impact resistance, ensuring driving safety.

8.Sidewall design rim protection boss: Lets the rim and the tire remain close, while avoiding the side of the rim to be hit.

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