• Specific design for high performance of UTV side by sides.
  • Proven excellent racing record in the desert.
  • Great traction in mud / soft soil /rugged and rocky soil.
  • Computer optimized tread block design for self-cleaning to eliminate sludge and sands when rolling.
  • Reinforced  sidewall with extra punch resistance.
  • Racing proven rubber compound provides superior traction.
  • Specific Tread Pattern Design, ensure great road contact and provide greater traction in rugged wildness.
  • Rubber rim protector beyond the rim flange decreases the risk of rim damage.
  • Double Seamless Cushion Tapes to secure the tyre’s rigidity. 2 layers of super-tensile steel belt to improve the tyre’s impact resistance ability. 3 lays of Kevlar belt provides excellent tire durability.


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