• All weather pattern design provides extra punch resistence.
  • Computer optimised tread block design for self-cleaning to eliminate sludge and sands.
  • Super wear resistance on muddy or sandy conditions.
  • Excellent grip on muddy or rocky//rugged terrain.
  • Central big blocks with notches prevent slip and provide great traction.
  • Transverse tread block pitch with low angle improves grips.
  • Open "L" grooves greatly strengthen twist force and traction.
  • Notches on the big shoulder blocks give super grip on rugged terrain.
  • Sipes in shoulder blocks further improve grip.
  • Reinforced sidewall with armour and traction design.
  • Specific sidewall design provides great tear resistance.
  • The shoulders have a maximum depth of 10mm and protect the tyres such as armour.​

  • Duel sidewall designs provide super self-cleaning and punch resistance.
  • Protruding fractals circumferentially spreading in sidewall provide super self-cleaning and reduce wind noise.

Black Bear Predator Mud Terrain LT275/70R17 121/118Q 10PR [RWL]


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